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When’s The Last Time?

Let’s face it, we’re adults with a lot of responsibilities. From caring for aging parents, to extending financial help to those in need, to raising children or grandchildren, the fact of the matter is that we’ve put ourselves on the backburner in order to meet the demands of loved ones.  While its commendable to put others first, it can take a toll on a person’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

When’s the last time you did something for yourself?  As in REALLY did something for yourself. We’re not talking about giving yourself a night off from doing the laundry, we’re asking when was the last time you splurged on YOU?

If you struggle to answer this question, you’re exactly the person who needs to take a timeout and refocus.


Do Something For Yourself


Here are our top tips for giving yourself a much deserved break from the norm especially as the holidays draw near.


Tip #1: Twenty Minutes of Silence

For twenty (20)  minutes a day, isolate yourself (totally alone) with no social media and not in the presence of anyone else. Once you’ve found your private spot, do one of the following activities: take a bath, meditate, go for a walk, sit and reflect, stretch, practice yoga. Despite which activity you choose, focus on your breathing and be fully present.  Set a timer if you need to, but promise yourself you’ll give your mind and emotions a quiet-period each day.


Why Silence Matters?

Daydreaming, meditating, fantasizing about the future or just letting your mind wander is only possible when the brain is idle and disengaged from external stimuli. It is in moments of silence that we can finally tap into our inner stream of thoughts, emotions, memories and ideas. Doing so helps us assign meaning to experiences, empathize with others, be more creative and reflect on our own mental and emotional states. Silence promotes introspection and introspection is our best weapon for creating inner peace. As Herman Melville once wrote, “All profound things and emotions of things are preceded and attended by silence.”   


Tip #2: Stave Off the Winter Blues

If you’ve heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it’s directly linked to dreary weather and lack of sunshine.  Symptoms include oversleeping, appetite changes (especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates), weight gain, tiredness or low energy. Causes of SAD stem in-part from a drop in serotonin, a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) that affects mood and overall feelings of well being.  One of the most effective remedies to stave off mood swings is to adjust the serotonin in your brain.


Good News About Winter Blues

Not to worry if you get a little bummed around the holidays, the easiest solution for SAD is to stimulate serotonin by elevating your heart-rate for 30 minutes a day at least three (3) days a week.  Fast walking, running, biking and cardio are excellent attitude adjusters. (make sure to clear your fitness level with your doctor first).


Tip #3: A Body Transformation

The winter months are extremely valuable in performing essential body maintenance and rewarding oneself for a year well lived.  Doing something for yourself opens up the capacity to become a more confident, loving, patient and fulfilled person ultimately making you even better at your various roles of daily living.  


Holiday Freeze

It’s comforting to hide under thick layers of winter clothing and quietly, organically transform the body - at your own pace.  Doing things the right way means taking your time and being patient with the process. In life, there are no quick fixes. It’s okay to take time out and give yourself a substantial Christmas gift such as CoolSculpting.  CoolSculpting is the #1 choice of patients and doctors around the world looking to slim down without surgery and without downtime. Given that CoolSculpting takes 3-5 months to maximize results, nobody will know, but everybody will notice at the turn of the season when you’re just a little more at peace with the world around you and more confident in your own body.







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