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Freezing for a Reason

We've teamed up with Oceanites in the name of penguin 🐧 research and wildlife conservation. If you feel called to help us raise $2k, we promise to jump into the frigid Antarctic Ocean off a glacier with actual penguins. We will video the whole ordeal and post it as soon as we have WiFi.  Donations must be receive by December 13, 2019 to ensure we take the ARCTIC PLUNGE!


Platinum Sculpt is Bowling Green's favorite provider of the world's #1 non-surgical body contouring - CoolSculpting! We appreciate all of the love, votes and support from clients, friends, family and the community.  Cheers to you all and it's a pleasure serving you.

Best Body Contouring

Our Mission

To help you reclaim your body, we are Kentucky & Tennessee's ONLY specialized, certified provider of CoolSculpting. Results are guaranteed in writing when treatments are performed at our Bowling Green, KY office. At Platinum Sculpt, our sole focus is YOU.  From our caring and expert staff to our state of the art technology and one of a kind 'Luxury Patient Experience,' we want you to look and feel your best every step of the way.  We are confident you're choosing the best provider.  You'll be back to loving your body in no time.

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