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Is Hydrafacial right for you?

Maybe you just want clean, vibrant, healthy skin.

Maybe you want to bring out your lip color and plump your lips, but don't want injections.

Maybe you had a little too much fun and need to eliminate puffy, tired eyes.

Maybe you want to reduce signs of aging.

Whether you struggle with dryness, fine lines, acne, sun spots, dehydration, deflated lips, tired eyes, puffiness or Rosacea, Hydrafacial is likely the solution for you.  Get with our experts today!

Want to give yourself or someone else the gift of beautiful skin?  Gift cards available by contacting our office via phone (270) 904-1640 or email hydrafacialbg@gmail.com

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We are a Hydrafacial Certified Practice

The ONLY speciality boutique in all of Kentucky & Tennessee.  Located inside of Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting.

I'm Ready for The Best Skin Of My Life.

Hydrafacial treatments range from 35 -45 minutes.  Please allow for 60 minutes in and out, so you can relax and do not feel rushed.

What is a Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is the world's #1 non-invasive, 3 step hydra-dermabrasion for the face and body that combines cleansing, exfoliation (chemical peel), extraction, hydration and anti-oxidant protection simultaneously.  There is no discomfort or downtime which makes this the go-to service for men and women alike.  Boosters for anti-aging, growth factors, dark spots and acne can be added on to treat a variety of skin concerns.

Hydrafacial is also ideal for detoxing the immune system via lymphatic drainage pre and post cosmetic procedures in an effort to support healing of treatment sites and surrounding tissue.

Radiant Skin. Perfect You.

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Liquid Botox

How about anti-aging without the needles? Your skin craves TLC, collagen stimulation, hormone factors and most importantly, a consistent routine.

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Simply Clean

The proof is in the pores. Non-congested, breathable pores.  Exfoliation, illumination, Hydration.  If that combination doesn't excite you, we need to talk.

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Best Decision

Hydrafacial is the #1 non-invasive aesthetic procedure on the market.  It's affordable, it's luxurious, it's proven.  Hydrafacial or bust.  Nothing comes close to the comfort and efficacy of Hydrafacial.

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Our Skills & Expertise

Hydrafacial BG is located inside of Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting at 1945 Scottsville Road, Ste A-1.

Our sole focus is pampering you with ultimate luxury and maximum results. Our team of Licensed Aestheticians is certified by Hydrafacial to ensure our techniques are best in class.

We specialize in anti-aging, hydrating, clarifying, and exfoliating, like "liquid Botox" only better, less invasive and less expensive. Choose from growth factors to wrinkle reducers to dark spot correctors. Acne treatments and lymphatic detox are ideal services for problematic skin and immune systems. All skin types welcome. Men especially love eliminating congested pores.

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Halie Bullock, LE

Certified Expert, Licensed Aesthetician, Halie comes to us highly credentialed to help you achieve the best version of yourself. Tremendously caring, patient and kind in her approach with years of expert experience in the art of facials, your skin will thank you!


Erin Woodward, Founder

Committed to non-invasive approaches, Erin is focused on delivering results without needles, without surgery and without downtime. Hydrafacial Certified with 18 years of Management expertise.

Everything you need to be beautifully confident.